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CoffeeReview.com Reviews
Gourmet Coffee Reviews by CoffeeReview.com

Read what some the world's leading coffee experts from coffeereview.com have to say about Island Joes Gourmet Coffee and our best coffee reviews

The following gourmet coffee reviews where done by Kenneth Davids at coffeereview.com.

Coffee Reviews

90 Mile Stretch E.S.E. Espresso Pods- Rated 91 out of 100
Produced from an ESE pod on a FrancisFrancis! pod brewer. Sweet, juicy-impressioned fruit dominates in the aroma (papaya? cherry?) with a hints of fir and leather. Syrupy mouthfeel and great richness and depth of sensation in the small cup, with continued low-acid fruit and fresh-cut fir notes. Superb finish: long, deep. In two parts milk good presence and chocolate-toned fruit, though just a touch flat and woody.

Smuggler's Brew - Gourmet Coffee Review - Rated 88 out of 100
Blind Assessment
Veryry impressive aroma: deep and lush with low-toned fruit (banana?) notes and hints of cedar and chocolate. In the cup crisp and roasty but still sweet with floral notes and a rich fruit that reads as semi-sweet chocolate. Simple but cleanly sweet finish.

Who should drink it:
Those who enjoy the sweet side of dark roasts.
Misty Mornings - Low Acidic Gourmet Coffee - Rated 88 out of 100
Blind Asessment:

Sweet-toned, deep aroma with gingery cedar and banana- and cherry-toned fruit notes and a hint of lemon at the top. In the cup big bodied, softly acidy, with very sweet, pungent fruit notes – grapefruit perhaps, and a spicy cedar. This deeply complex, quite attractive 90+ profile was marred by one bad cup: rubbery herb notes. I decided not to push down the rating too severely, given the originality and charm of the other four cups.

90 Mile Stretch Espresso - Rated 90 out of 100
Blind Assessment:
Very sweet-toned aroma with floral hints. In the small cup medium-bodied and slightly lean in mouthfeel, crisp, cedary, with raisiny, licorice-toned fruit. Slightly heavy finish but excellent flavor persistence, with the fruit turning toward chocolate. Comes into its own in milk, where it is balanced and roundly rich, with deep semi-sweet chocolate character.
Black Flag Espresso - Rated 90 out of 100
Blind assessment:
Cocoa, banana and a hint of cedar in the fine aroma. In the small
cup big-bodied, gently and sweetly pungent, with a rich, orange-toned
cedar character and cocoa notes that round toward chocolate. Rich
short finish, very slightly astringent in the long, but sweet chocolate suggestions persist throughout. Remains in sturdy control in milk, though it never quite sweetens and blossoms.

Beemer's Breakfast Blend - Rated 91 out of 100
Blind Assessment:
Delicate aroma with softly pungent cedar and sweet tomato notes. In the cup gently and crisply acidy, with distinct floral notes and coffee fruit that reads as a tart, chocolate-toned cherry. A simple but very pure coffee expression.

Who should drink it:
A soft, sweetly fruit-and-floral-toned version of the classic American breakfast cup.

Island Joe's Breakfast Blend - Rated 91 out of 100
Blind Assessment: Very sweet-toned aroma: distinct cocoaish chocolate notes with hints of walnut and a black-cherry inclined fruit. In the cup the cocoa and walnut notes simplify and amplify, supported by a sweet, crisp acidity. Flavor fades rather quickly in the finish but the chocolate and walnut have the last word.

Who should drink it: The dominant baker's chocolate and walnut notes make this a strong-presenced cup despite its delicacy, with enough grace to be enjoyed black and enough substance to handle whitener.