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You are here:Home > Breakfast and Location > Espresso Drinks
Many visitors to our cafe as for a Latte or Cappuccino with extra shot of espresso. This is because a lot of the large franchise companies, in our opinion, do not use the proper ratios, but Island Joe's Key West Cafe, we offer our espresso created with fresh roasted espresso and made properly.

How to make a Cappuccino

A Cappuccino is 1/3 Espresso, 1/3 Streamed Milk and 1/3 Frothed Milk

A Latte would be 1/3 Espresso and 2/3 Steamed Milk

Specialty Drinks are based around our 90 Mile Stretch Espresso, which rated 90 out of 100 by CoffeeReview.com

90 Mile Stretch Espresso - Rated 90 out of 100

Blind Assessment

-Very sweet-toned aroma with floral hints. In the small cup medium-bodied and slightly lean in mouthfeel, crisp, cedary, with raisiny, licorice-toned fruit. Slightly heavy finish but excellent flavor persistence, with the fruit turning toward chocolate. Comes into its own in milk, where it is balanced and roundly rich, with deep semi-sweet chocolate character. - K. Davids - CoffeeReview.com

Latte - Cappuccino

Iced Latte 16oz  - Blended

Café con Leche - 16oz

Perhaps one of the finest on the island, as we created this
Cuban coffee drink with fresh roasted espresso

Chai & Soy

Hot 12oz  - 16oz

Iced - Blended

Espresso Drinks

Each drink is 5oz of Fresh Roasted Espresso

Americano - Con Panna - Macchiato - Key West Buchi

We go over the top with our Specialty Drinks
Served Hot - Cold - Blended
Banana Bomb
Banana & Chocolate topped with
Wipped Cream & Cocoa
Caramel Apple
Caramel & Apple topped with
Whip Cream & Cocoa
Vanilla Splash
Vanilla & Vanllia
topped with Whipped Cream
Nutty Caramel
Almond & Caramel topped with
Whipped Cream & more Caramel
Coconut Breeze
Coconut & Chocolate topped with
Whipped Cream Cinnamon
Cocoa Delight
Our Perfect Mocha
All prices and menu items subject to change without notice