Island Joe’s Café and Coffee Roasting Company - 519 Fleming Street - Key West, FL 33040
School - Work - More School and Loving It!
Turning 23 Dec 7th, graduating from USF with an
accounting degree Dec 11th, beginning his intern ship at the 
KPMG Accounting firm in Jan, plus while attending school,
Trey worked part time at Subway and help run Island Joe’s
Coffee. Trey has roasted a lot of beans and handled the
family accounting by dealing with KeHe Distributors in
Chicago who handles distribution to Publix, then other
corporate customers include Tree of Life, Walgreens, Winn
Dixie, Navy Exchanges, Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Whole Foods
Markets and Sysco Foods for the past two years. Nothing
like on the Job Training, but he still finds time to give back,
by working weekends at Habitat for Humanity. Trey lost his
mother (Elizabeth and my wife of 26 years) to cancer 5
years ago and has become the rock of his family and I
speak for myself, plus his brother Brandon (18) and sister
AJ (15). Man are we proud of Trey.
Care and have passion for what you do in life,” Trey said.
Trey Wells Volunteers at
Habitat for Humanity
AJ, Trey and Brandon at the Island
Joe’s Café in old town Key West, FL
Born out of Necessity and
Crafted with Passion
The Proof is in the Cup
For the record, Trey does knows how to
use power tools, I know, I taught him
(just a little bragging rights). If you have
ever visited our café and seen our
display case and counters, plus most
everything else in our café, again, most
was built by Trey and Brandon from
recycled wood. And yes AJ helped also.
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